Establishing and Managing Guardianships in and around Northwest Florida

Many people don’t realize that establishing and maintaining a guardianship is a document-intensive process that may involve complex legal issues. Leuchtman Law has the experience and legal knowledge to satisfy the extensive requirements of guardianships. We represent family members of minors who can’t manage their own affairs and relatives of adults who have been adjudged incapacitated by the probate court.

We assist at every stage of the guardianship:

  • Holding hearings to determine competence
  • Setting up trusts for a family member with special needs (so called “special needs trusts”)
  • Arranging trusts or guardianships for a minor who is a beneficiary of a settlement
  • Annual accounting of property and cash transactions
  • Discharging the guardian at the conclusion of the guardianship

Based in Pensacola, FL, Leuchtman Law represents clients throughout Northwest Florida. We work closely with clients to timely comply with the stringent reporting and accounting requirements of Florida guardianships.


Mother with Son

Elderly Guardianships and Minor Guardianships

Our guardianship clients are of two types: people wishing to establish a legal guardianship (whether voluntary or involuntary) and people who have been named guardians of another person. Both roles involve significant fiduciary duties and responsibilities and seemingly endless paperwork. We can make these challenges seemingly disappear and become routine.

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